Brunch Menu

Brunch Menu

Crepes~24 pcs $48

Black pepper, tomato & fresh mozzarella

Salmon Crepes w/horseradish cream cheese & lemon (add $1 per crepe)

Fresh fruit blintz



9” cheese quiche serves 6-8 $19

      Each additional ingredient add $2.25

½ pan cheese quiche serves 12/15 $35

      Each additional ingredient add $5


Tarts (puff pastry) ~approx. 24 pcs $32

Goat cheese & roasted pepper

Squash w/fried sage, parmesan & spicy honey

Roasted chicken, lemon & rosemary/olive oil


Brioche French Toast~ 12 pcs~ $24

Served with butter & ind. syrups


Hash browns~ ½ pan serves 12/15   full pan serves 25/30

     Idaho $20~1/2 pan

              Loaded $30 (sweet purple onion, gr. Onion, bell pepper & cheddar    cheese)

     Sweet potato $27~1/2 pan

              Loaded $37

Hash brown casserole (Idaho) $32~1/2 pan

              Hash browns, onions, cream, sour cream & cheddar cheese

Make your hash browns a scramble!  Additional $12~1/2 pan


½ pan Asst. Breakfast Meats~serves 10-12 $20

Bacon, Pork sausage patties, turkey sausage patties. 


½ pan Scrambled eggs serves 12/15  $24


Yogurt ~

4oz Ind. Greek yogurt with fresh fruit & granola. Drizzled with honey $2.25ea (min. 1 doz)

Greek yogurt layered with fresh fruit (bowl) $10 lb. ~2lb min.



Mini fruit  kabobs$1.75 ea. (minimum 1 doz)

Fruit tray ~small serves 10/12 $30

Fruit salad $7.50lb (min. 3lbs)

Fruit Carpacio~thinly sliced & layered melon marinated in vanilla bean, lime & mint $10lb (min 3lbs)



Asst. Mini muffins, mini croissants, mini scones, Danish~ serves 25 $55

Choice of strawberry or honey butter


Mini croissants $14 doz


Coffee /Tea Service

Disposable container~ 12-8oz cups (96oz) servings $20

Includes asst. sugars (reg. sugar, sweet & low, equal), styro cup, mini creamers, stirrers & napkins)