Holiday Menu

 Ellie’s Holiday Menu

All foods come fully cooked/prepared and ready to serve.  Ellie’s will be open 8am-10am on Holidays for pick orders only. No delivery on Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Custom menu/packaging options available.  Please call the Café (773)941-4401 or email and ask for Cathy.

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Traditional Oven Roasted Turkey OR Ellie’s Herb Roasted

Hen 10-14#-$40 (incl. 1 qt. gravy) Tom 20-24#-$65 (incl. 2 qts. gravy)

Turkeys will be carved unless otherwise requested


Traditional Spiral-cut Ham w/honey mustard glaze approx. 8.5#-$50

Ellie’s Clove & Honey Roasted Spiral-cut Ham    8.5#-$60

Ham sliced buffet style w/raisins & pineapple sauce    $12 lb. 

Traditional Duck L’Orange    approx. 5#-$35

Port Glazed Roast Goose avg. wt. 6lbs  $65 (includes gravy & 2lbs duck fat roasted potatoes)


Potatoes 2lb min

Traditional mashed potatoes w/butter & cream $4lb

Whipped potatoes w/roasted garlic   $4.25lb

Sweet potato mash        4.50lb

Roasted sweet potato  $5lb  


Vegetables & Sides 2lb min.

Traditional whole cranberry sauce   5.50lb (1lb min. allowed)

Cranberry & orange relish $7lb (1lb min. allowed)


Ellie’s Cauliflower OR Zucchini gratin   $5lb

Traditional green bean casserole topped with Fried Onions   $3.50lb

Roasted Fall Harvest Vegetables $6.50lb

      beets, turnips, jicama, red onion, zucchini & squash roasted in butter & olive oil

Roasted Squash with Spicy Onions, fresh mint and coriander honey dressing (served over mixed greens) (1/2 pan min. order-serves 10-12


Cornbread stuffing $6lb. 

Traditional sausage/sage stuffing    $5lb            

Ellie’s roasted chestnut stuffing     $7lb

Ellie’s oyster stuffing    $8lb


Pastas priced as ½ pans                                              

Ellie’s Vegetable Lasagna 35.00

Meat Lasagna-choose either beef or Italian Sausage 35.00

Fettuccini in traditional Marinara Sauce (no meat) 18.00 (w/meat) 25.00    



Apple, Goat Cheese & Honey Tartlet- (6″ tartlet) 8.00

Apple Pie   10.00

Pecan Pie 17.00  6” Tartlet 9.00  Pecan Tassies (bars)

Crispy Apple & Almond Sheet Tart 25.00

Pumpkin Pie 9.00

Sweet Potato Pie 10.00

Lemon Meringue Pie   12.00


Asst. Dinner Rolls    2.50 doz.

Jalapeno corn bread  12 pcs  $8


Plastic plate service .50c per (dinner plate, utensils, napkin, cup)

Sterno $2 per




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We at Ellie’s wish you and yours the best of the Holiday Season.  Stay warm, healthy & safe!!